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Our Story

Looking out onto Independence Mall, our majestic windows frame an iconic place where history not only happened, but where it lives on. The detail and drama of the past is honored, but the stories are told in modern ways, made accessible for today’s audiences to interpret. That unique pairing of past and present, of studied and sleek, is inherent in the city of Philadelphia itself and within our walls.

We thought it only fitting then, that our name and our vision be inspired by that civic history and also by our own. We looked to William Penn, the city’s founder, who chose Philadelphia as its name. Combining the Greek words for love (phileo) and brother (adelphos), he set up the enduring nickname: the City of Brotherly Love. Our property at 400 Walnut Street was also comprised of brothers…two buildings (siblings so to speak) have joined together to create a united experience. An experience that is at once modern and historic, classic and contemporary.

Thought to be derived from the word “brother”, the Broderick name is a nod to both the history of the city and the idea of two buildings coming together. Walk our halls, feel our finishes…Have a look and see if this united residence is the right fit for you.